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Since the early 1980’s with the advent of mass pangas and outboards most carrying one or more inshore monofilament of 400′ and many having 1500 hook surface longlines the sea started it’s rapid decline

El parque marino de la Isla Espíritu ...

El parque marino de la Isla Espíritu Santo y Los Islotes – se encuentran en gran peligro

La pesca en la Isla Espíritu Santo y en Los Islotes continúan bajo asalto diario, tanto por pescadores comerciales como de pesca deportiva, Echa un vistazo a los artículos de abajo y podrás ver que sin la vigilancia por las (tardes y en la noche) el parque incluyendo Los Islotes que es la atracción turística […]

See why the reefs around La Paz BCS a...

See why the reefs around La Paz BCS are barren, dirty and without fish or soft corals

The following videos show the barren reefs around the lower gulf Islands in the Sea of Cortes and explain what happened. These short video’s show you how barren the reefs are and why. A large part to the destruction has been caused by Pistoleros and Encerradores. Since the reef cleaning grazers, parrot fish and surgeon […]

Whalesharks the lifeblood of La Paz t...

Whale sharks have become big business in La Paz Mexico. Last year in 2014 Sea Watch saw that many of the Whale sharks ( 2/3 by the end of the season in June) had been damaged by propellers. After photgraphing the damage we worked with Televisa’s Armando Figaredo to publicize this problem and get officials […]

The Midriff Island shark fishery that...

This is a great example of what has been killing the sea of Cortes. In a 10 year period from 1985 to 1995, over 200,000 sharks died in the San Francisquito Bay fishery before it finally collapsed. An almost equal number of other fish, the by-catch that couldn’t be sold immediately, were simply thrown away. […]

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