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The fisheries at Espiritu Santo Island and Los Islotes continue under daily assault by both commercial and sportsfishermen Check out the posts below and you will see that…..

Commercial encerradores are there on a weekly basis using hookah to kill reef fish especailly Cardinales. There are also still pistoleros working there but much less often.
Commercial fishermen came into the nuclear zone at Los Islotes and fishing even though a Denuncia was filed immediately with Profepa nothing was ever done about it.
Sports fishermen often start their day fishing in the nuclear zone at Punta Bananza. We often see 1-5 boats stopping there to fish first thing in the morning
Los Islotes the primer diving area around La Paz is under almost daily assault from yachts that fish and spearfish there at dusk after others have gone.
The end result is that fish are not coming back, there are very few cardinales as a result of the encerradores, the pargo dienton populations there are down about 80% 90% since 2010, especaially at Los Islotes. See this video taken in October 2010 and now look out there on the back NW side of Los Islotes where the big pargo used to live. Pargo populations back with vigilance

El parque marino de la Isla Espíritu ...

El parque marino de la Isla Espíritu Santo y Los Islotes – se encuentran en gran peligro

La pesca en la Isla Espíritu Santo y en Los Islotes continúan bajo asalto diario, tanto por pescadores comerciales como de pesca deportiva, Echa un vistazo a los artículos de abajo y podrás ver que sin la vigilancia por las (tardes y en la noche) el parque incluyendo Los Islotes que es la atracción turística […]

See why the reefs around La Paz BCS a...

See why the reefs around La Paz BCS are barren, dirty and without fish or soft corals

The following videos show the barren reefs around the lower gulf Islands in the Sea of Cortes and explain what happened. These short video’s show you how barren the reefs are and why. A large part to the destruction has been caused by Pistoleros and Encerradores. Since the reef cleaning grazers, parrot fish and surgeon […]

Yates del interior encuentran su nuev...

Yates del interior encuentran su nueva área de pesca privada en Los Islotes, zona núcleo “protegida”.

La reserva de la biosfera Los Islotes, “área sin extracción”,  se ha convertido en la zona de pesca privada para yates que no pueden encontrar peces en cualquier otro lugar. Casi todas las noches, alrededor de una hora antes del anochecer, se pueden ver llegar los barcos para cerciorarse de que no hay nadie en […]


Big dog snapper return  to Islotes after two years of vigilance That was 2011.In 2015 they are gone because vigilance stopped This video was shot at about 40 feet of the NW corner of Islotes on 10-23-11, where the Pargo (dog tooth snapper) have made a strong comeback over the last 3 years. The majority […]

Espiritu Santo Nuclear Zone at Punta ...

The nuclear no take zone at Bonanza is anything but that. It is a popular first stop for sports boats coming from La Paz Here are the pictures taken in the Nuclear Zone at La Bananza May 8th at 8:50 AM local time. There were 5 local sports boats fishing there that morning during the […]

Mainland yachts find new private fish...

Mainland yachts find new private fishing grounds in Los Islotes nuclear zone

The no extraction biosphere reserve at Los Islotes has become the private fishing ground for yachts that can’t find fish in any other place. Most evenings, about an hour before dark, you can see boats arrive checking to see that no one is in the area before they start spearfishing illegally. There has never been […]

Illegal encerradores continue to dest...

Espritu Santo Island,  a World Heritage Site, a Marine Protected Area and a Biosphere. You might think that would give the Island some protection against Illegal fishing. Think again, those designations  are exactly what the illegal fishing community wants, as it makes it a private fishing ground for Illegal fishing with little competition. This will […]

Espiritu Santo: Parrot Fish, critical...

There are almost no parrot fish left on Espiritu Santo Island due to illegal fishing by pistoleros and encerradores and legal spearfishing by freedivers. See the video’s below to better understand the damage being done by Pistolero’s and Encerradores. The people in La Paz will need to decide whether the value of eating parrot fish […]

One year after ROC filed a denuncia (...

It is obvious to us that the most beautiful of the southern gulf Islands Espiritu Santo has no chance of recovering when the authorities in charge of protected areas in Mexico, PROFEPA won’t prosecute fishermen blatantly fishing in the Nuclear Zone at La Lobera  in the Espiritu  Santo Island National Marine Park. This protected area […]

The marine park at Espiritu Santo Isl...

The marine park at Espiritu Santo Island and Los Islotes – in big trouble

The fisheries at  Espiritu Santo Island and Los Islotes continue under daily assault by both commercial and sportsfishermen. Check out the posts below and you will see that without Vigilance (evenings and at night) the park including Los Islotes which is the number one tourism attraction and only reason to come to La Paz to […]

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