Espiritu Santo Nuclear Zone at Punta Bonanza – Fishing grounds for all

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The boat is trolling along the wall of the no take zone (click to enlarge)

The nuclear no take zone at Bonanza is anything but that. It is a popular first stop for sports boats coming from La Paz

Here are the pictures taken in the Nuclear Zone at La Bananza May 8th at 8:50 AM local time. There were 5 local sports boats fishing there that morning during the 30 minutes we were watching. They are fishing there most mornings as it is the first point they stop after coming from La Paz. There is also a picture of the Nuclear zone the fishing boats were violating. We tried calling Guardaparque (Conanp) several times and got no answer. We also dove that whole Nuclear no take zone the day before and found nothing nothing in that whole area except a few small reef fish, no parrot fish, no pargo, or cabrilla bigger than ½ lb. It is a dead zone with no resemblance to a protected no take zone. We have video if you want it.

Citizens Observer

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